Learning is child-centered, growth oriented and aimed at providing education for the holistic development of the children. Through innovative and experimental teaching methods we aim at making the learning process extremely enjoyable and enlightening.

The Primary School extends from class I to V, catering to laying a solid edifice for scholastic formation. The curriculum programme of the session includes learning scholastic disciplines in languages- English, Hindi, and Marathi, in Sciences and Social Sciences, and in Mathematics. Students are also exposed to computer language and technology from class I.

They get opportunities to develop their skills in public speaking, histrionic talents, singing, dancing ,craft and in fine arts. Projects and field trips, strengthening academic training, are also introduced into the curriculum. Co - curricular activities of sports and yoga lead students to better self - awareness and self - esteem.

The upper-primary school or the middle school section has classes from VI to VIII. Students in this section are gradually groomed to cope with more scholastic training. Besides learning the languages-English, Hindi, and Marathi, other academic subjects, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences & Computer Sciences are taught. Learning Moral Science and life skills makes students critically aware of their interpersonal relationship in their families, among class - mates and others and their relationship with the Almighty. Non - scholastic subjects like fine arts, sports and games are the integral part of the curriculum of the middle section.

Vishwa Jyoti prepares children to undergo scholastic and non-scholastic learning programmes based on the Central Board of Secondary Education Syllabus (C.B.S.E.), which conducts the Secondary (Class X) Examination in India and overseas.

The day starts in the school with the Assembly. A usual assembly begins with prayer, school anthem and the pledge for the nation, which is followed by speeches by students on the virtue and thought for the week, reading of news, competitions in recitation, declamation , Principal's observation and National Anthem on different days of the week.