About Us

The School

The school is managed by the sisters of Sacred Heart Congregation, Santhom Province, Thamarassery. It is located at Chandrapur – Bramhapuri road at Talodhi (Balapur) in Maharashtra State. It is away from the hustle and buzzle of the town. Its pollution and noise free atmosphere is ideally suited for learning and general development of students. Every child shall be moulded into independent, self reliant and responsible citizen with competitive skill to meet the challenges of the outside world.

The school environment helps the student for their spiritual and cultural re-birth through life of learning, discipline of mind and body. An ideal student is described as one who is truthful, talented, capable and merciful to all creatures.

Every child has a right to get a quality education and in this rural area our school is giving this chance to pupil to enhance their knowledge and develop their personality. Our training and curriculum guides the students to understand the fast changing trends of time and face life with courage and confidence thereby we are shaping a dynamic, spontaneous and creative youth for the bright future of mother India.


The history of the Sacred Heart Congregation in North east is tied to the Charism of the founder Venerable Fr. Mathew Kadalikattil. The mustard seed implanted by him on 1st January 1911, which grew into a mighty tree and spread out its branches to the farthest corners of India and all over the world. As the congregation was missionary minded by nature, it was the dream and desire of its members to render their humble service in the mission field.

The teaching of Vatican II to have missionary orientation all religious congregation and the exhortation of Pope Leo XIII “Bharat, Your salvation is in the hands of your children” and the spirit of our Congregation to spread the compassionate love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the poor and illiterate. We have 11 provinces and a region. These are 3600 professed sisters and 440 houses for the congregation. Our apostolate covers care of the destitute, health care, education, social service, evangelization, press and publication we run hostels and schools, houses for aged and the children training centres for the physically and mentally challenged and insane, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and other centres of humanitarian activities in all fields by our activists. We try to uphold and display our special charism of the overflowing compassionate love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our Vision

The school has been founded with a firm belief that every child deserves opportunity to be educated and play a productive role in the society. The motto of the school sums its vision in three words “ Truth , Love and Wisdom”

Truth: Vishwa Jyoti school believes that education empowers you to see things clearly without any bias. Education sets you in a path of truth seeking and clears your vision so that you achieve a sense of right and wrong.

Love:The school believes that a child is an innocent being, with no sense of right and wrong, it is like a seed waiting to be developed into a giant tree. With proper nurture and care , someday, in future it is going to achieve what it is truly destined to be.

Wisdom: One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly. The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

Our Mission

An individual to achieve his/her life’s goal, necessary to mould him,to enhance him, his/her mental, moral, ethic, culture and social well-being. To make student’s self reliance and self disciplines, we focus in coming 3 years their Intellectual Wellness and Physical Wellness. To fulfill this Mission Statement the school will improve reading habits of students all the stages and conducting various other reading related activities. And also by taking intiatives to celebrate reading week, Mathematics week, Science week and language week the child can enlighten his/her mind.To achieve the Physical Wellness the school will prepare the health profile of every child enrolled in the school with the help of local health center and also community. The school will provide awareness about the importance of cleanness, physical fitness to the school children and village peoples.